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Property Investment

Our Contacts and Strategic Partners

We source investment properties to match client requirements for clients in the Irish market, in the U.K. and on the continent through a network of strategic alliances with real estate agents and property consultants.

Client Needs – Investment Strategy

Our approach is to assess our client’s needs and objectives and then develop a strategy to best match our client’s requirements.

Appraisal, Analysis and Assessment of Risk

A valuation only basis for property investment is insufficient on its own.  Analysis of current market prices versus long term trends, the property price cycle, yields on alternative investments including equities and gilts and an analysis of future property trends are just some of the areas that need careful consideration.

Understanding Investment Markets

We have an in depth working knowledge of the broad range of investment markets and how they function and interact.  Trends in property prices, rents and yields are all influenced by the broader economy.  Government policy and taxation have a bearing on markets.  Our knowledge in the investment markets gives us an edge in advising on and sourcing the most suitable property investments for our clients.

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Discounted Cash Flows are widely used all over the world to assess investments.  DCF techniques which encompass Net Present Value (NPV) analysis and Internal Rate of Return are extremely useful tools in assessing certain property investments and we make use of them where appropriate.